Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Everyday wines from California and Spain incl some MAGNUMS,PERFECT for PARTIES and GIFTS

Ready for some good Holiday party/gift major VALUE "guzzlers" ?
This offer features TWO fresh, rich, smooth PRE SELECTED REDS and ONE fragrant, crisp, versatile PRE SELECTED WHITE.
My favorite  of the bunch is the ALL AMERICAN smooth, chocolaty and chewy 2012 California (Paso Robles) SHADOW RIDGE CABERNET SAUVIGNON , AT $12.95, the most expensive wine in this entire offer!!! 
Enjoy the magnums from LATIERRA DE CASTILLA in SOUTHERN CENTRAL SPAIN too, first time ever imported and a LOT (And we just don't mean the size of the bottle!) OF WINE for the money.
1)2013 HACIENDA ALBAE CHARDONNAY-Tierra de Castilla, SPAIN $13.95/MAGNUM(1,5L)
ONLY 23 CASES AT THAT CRAZY PRICE OF $13.95/mag , 6 magnums to a case, if you do the math, it comes to LESS THAN $7 PER BOTTLE...GREAT FOR GIFTS and PARTIES
Hacienda Albae Chardonnay: Golden-yellow color with greenish reflections typical of Chardonnay. Shown as an elegant and complex wine. Use notes of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, accompanied by floral notes. The fermentation and barrel aging is present with toasty notes and aromas of a little butter and honey. The entry on the palate is fresh and fruity. The wine is fat and a lot of volume, leaving a long aftertaste and creamy notes and toast
A very nice effort, it has pretty pear and flower aromas and feels substantial in the mouth, but neither hot nor heavy. Pear fruit flavors are accented with hints of Meyer lemon and butter. Very aromatic and flowery on the nose. Super CRISP and CLEAN like a good French white Burgundy BUT not as austere and more fruit forward..Nice yet very subtle tropical and oak flavors followed by a smooth, light buttery yet crisp finish.
One tasty and unique party wine! And only $13.95/MAGNUM, 6 MAGS TO A CASE ! 
Visit www.haciendaalbae.com   they even have a real fine/fancy hotel in the winery
Smooth and  complex wine  for the money , Very cool/classy label too, looks and tastes more expensive. .

The nose on this wine opens up with bright Berry fruits. Plums, Tobacco and a subtle floral note. Full and rich on the palate, blueberries, blackberries and dried cherries are the major fruit flavors in this wine. Dried plums and a little Anise spice mixed with dark chocolate flavors round off the wonderfully smooth finish. Moderate Tannins make this a wonderful wine to drink with and compliment many foods.

3)2012 HACIENDA ALBAE  MERLOT- Tierra De Castilla, SPAIN-$13.95/MAGNUM.(1,5L) 
A  brilliant dark ruby red color with violet overtones leads to a VERY robust (14% ALC), elegant and generous nose of berries and red fruit. The taste is well balanced, VERY velvety and refined, ...a versatile and unique dinner/cocktail/party red.
Pretty amazing "LITTLE BIG RED" for ONLY $13.95 PER MAG, THAT'S UNDER $7 PER BTL.
Hacienda Albae Merlot: A wine that covers a wide range of tastes, as its fruit accompanied by a wooden bed gives complexity and makes it a very complete wine. Highlighted in black fruit nose like plums and blackberry accompanied by notes of vanilla and cocoa gives the wood. In the mouth the tannins are round and sweet perceive giving all his own persistence aromatic range of wine in its class.  
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