Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Caymus , big 1Liter 40 ANNIVERSARY CAB in ONE LITER BOTTLES for the Fourth of July, big bottle and for less

Only 20x9 bottle cases of ONE LITER bottles(so bigger than regular .750 bottles) CAYMUS NAPA CAB 40TH ANNIVERSARY 2012 released for retail in SA and we got them all, 7 OF THOSE CASES WERE PRE SOLD ALREADY, Wow!!!
Caymus 40th anniversary 2012 cab /awesome ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ONE LITER (See pdf attachment) MUCH LOWER PRICE too

2012 CAYMUS NAPA CAB with its very special and cool 40 year anniversary label/bottle is quite the buy/presentation $70.95 PER LITER BTL...9 BTLS TO A CASE 
 I am sending you a pic attached right now. Grab some cases-a true collector's item-before I advertise it (if I EVEN HAVE ENOUGH TO ADVERTISE IT) So, basically you are getting the same great CONSISTENT quality Caymus Napa Cab IN A COOL/FANCY DIFFERENT BIG BOTTLE WITH THEIR SPECIAL 40TH ANNIVERSARY LABEL and CASE and SAVING  a lot of money. "Do the math", one case of those 1L bottles  2012 anniversary come to $639, the case of 12 regular bottles(.750's) of the "old" 2011 was $899  - same quantity, both cases come to 9 L of wine.  
Big wine, big success, big taste and big bottle. "Caymus is the cigar chomping, four wheel driving,  no excuse, steak eating  ALL AMERICAN beefy and juicy cab" ...just on time for the Fourth of July.
10 cases left now.
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Celebrating 30 years in business in San Antonio. 1984-2014