Wednesday, July 19, 2017

it's HOT/Miraval rose IS IN,92/100! Domaine Figuiere rose IS IN/we were just there in Provence in June...

it IS  making our mouth water….HIGH 99 today..."C'est la canicule"! Have a nice week . Stay COOL! Remember, August will BE EVEN HOTTER! 
Both PRE SELECTED DRY ROSES from Provence in  France have been thoroughly enjoyed by the pool at the Casa Ressel this Summer,reminds us of my parents' house in Provence by the Med-WELL KIND OF.......
Those EXTREMEY REFRESHING dry roses are all made out of red wine grapes, see below and pdf:
1) MIRAVAL ROSE COTES DE PROVENCE $21.95///92/100///
What a  huge "ranch" in the middle of nowhere in wild and rugged Provence "hill country" near Brignoles, we were there last month...beautiful wild property (with wild boars everywhere...YUM, LUNCH TIME,see our pic below with a FEW bottles of MIRAVAL at the "ranch"!) Also it has an old recording studio-HUGE-where Pink Floyd recorded the WALL...followed by many Rock artists over many years like ACDC, the Cure..etc..
Also, security cameras everywhere, of course and about 30 employees on the property all year round! It is-after all-the home of BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE and all their children-see pic below-.
MIRAVAL ROSE COTES DE PROVENCE 2016, $21.95 (Normally $26/$27)  Blend of Syrah, Grenache and Roussane again, your classic Chateauneuf du Pape grapes
with a STUNNING 92/100 RATING-See pdf-
 The famous joint venture of PERRIN(owner and winemaker of the superb CHATEAU DE BEAUCASTEL CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE) BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIEBy far the most refined of all, what do you expect with "Perrin's hands in/on it". Was on  the COVER OF WINE SPECTATOR twice now.
 Enjoy a couple of chilled glasses with a refreshing salade Nicoise on a very cold plate, yum!
Good News, a GORGEOUS hand crafted rose-big and dry, truly a RED WINE DRINKER'S ROSE made by the COMBARD family in LA LONDE LES MAURES (a few hundred meters from the "MED." SEA) where my parents retired 25 years ago...
Bad News, only 10 cases are to be had...then THAT'S IT!
 Figuiere is located on the Mediterranean sea in La Londe Les Maures. "There is a five degree difference in temperature from our vineyards to those of the interior" says Magali, "the freshness found in our wines is very singular to La Londe region".

Alain Combard-her dad-passed away so she runs the estate with her sister and brother, the cool coastal climate and unique schist soils are keys to making robust yet easy to enjoy wines, a classic Provencal Rose!

Le Saint Andre has gorgeous aromas and flavors of peach, orange skin and white flowers, all accented by a super refreshing crisp acidity and salty minerality, thanks to the influence of the sea.

Domaine Figuiere-Provence-lunch with owner Magali Combard (on the far left) and a FEW bottles of her wines!
Oliver and Monica(on the right) with Magali Combard and her brother-winemaker-and sister...look behind us, it's all about the rocky soil(Schist)...
Domaine Figuiere in La Londe Les Maures, Provence
Stay COOL!
Celebrating 33 years in business in San Antonio